Character Creation

This campaign will be run using the E6 system: Characters advance normally through level 6, after which they stop gaining class levels and instead gain a feat every 5,000 XP.

Most races are available, though the prevalent ones are Humans, Elves (Bright Court & Dark Court), Halflings, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Orcs (greens & browns); see the Races page for more info. Other races are possible with DM approval; let’s discuss and see where/how it can fit in. If considering a race with a Level Adjustment, remember this is E6 so you only have six levels total to work with, including LA and racial hit dice.

Most base classes and alternate class features are available; see the Classes page for more info.

Any of the usual prestige classes is on the table, provided the entry requirements can be met within the six levels of the E6 system. To that end, you may find this thread helpful: E6 Prestige Class Guide

1. The general TMMGL/Mystara House Rules apply.
2.  There are no XP penalties for multiclassing; the “favored class” of a race just adds +1 hp or +1 skill point when a level of that class is taken. For purposes of feat/PrC prerequisites, any race whose favored class is XXX treats XXX as its favored class.
3. Casting stat requirements to cast a given spell level have been raised by 3; e.g., to cast 1st level INT-based spells you need an INT of 14.
4. There is no “common” language; the common language for elves is elven, for dwarves is dwarven, etc. Some races will have additional starting languages as appropriate. There are no limits on what languages may be taken. Any language can be taken as INT-based bonus languages or purchased with skill points.
5. Characters with Vow of Poverty are allowed to have a spellbook. The limitation on expensive spell components still applies.

This campaign will be based around the sea. Land masses are relatively smaller and isolated. Travel and the economy are largely ship-based, and a fair amount of the game will take place on or around ships. Consider where and how you want your character to fit into this culture when you are picking your skills, etc. If you think it would be fun to play the trade guild’s accountant, a landlubber “fish out of water,” that’s cool too. Or, you could play an aquatic race and be an actual fish out of actual water…

1. Decide on the character concept you wish to create. Rather than deciding on a class and then shoehorning your character idea into that chassis, come up with a persona and a story for a character you’d like to play and build the mechanics to suit.
2. Roll abilities: 4d6, drop the lowest.
3. Select among the available Races. Additional races may be used by special arrangement.
4. Select one of the three available Generic Classes.
5. Select your class skills.
6. Select your feats. In addition to the usual 1st-level feat, every character gets one Class Feature Feat at character creation. For example, a 1st-level human character would get one standard feat, one Class Feature Feat, and one human bonus feat. Flaws and Traits can also be taken.
7. Select two Story Traits for your character, one from the list of Basic Traits and one from the list of Campaign Traits.
8. Complete character creation as normal.

Character Creation

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