Beneath every deep, a vaster deep unfolds.
—Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Maritime Trade War and Land Grab in an emerging realm of Law vs. Chaos

Here is what you know about the campaign world; map, geography, landmarks, climate, cultural centers, political system, economy, coinage, brief history, etc.

The “known world,” essentially a collection of islands and larger land masses, is bordered by a vast and dense fog called the Grey Veil. It is utterly featureless and has no known end; ships that sail into it rarely find their way out again.


Kordachi: Part casino, part prison. A series of karsts rising from the sea. Ruled by a gambling lord known as The Sharp.




Rather than Good & Evil being the primary axis of religion in the Grey Veil, Law & Chaos are the predominant powers. The Lords of Law and Chaos are not so much worshipped as they are petitioned (or appeased, as the case may be). There are a handful of individual deities worshipped by cults, but they are not taken seriously by society as a whole.


The climate is generally Mediterranean. Temperatures only occasional fall below the freezing point and snow is seldom seen.

In and around the elven lands, there are unnaturally extreme seasons, from a vividly green and fecund spring to a a biting, snowy winter. The winds and currents in the vicinity of the elven shores are known to change in seemingly unpredictable patterns.


Evergreen trees: such as pines, cypresses, and oaks
Deciduous trees: such as sycamores, oaks, and buckeyes
Fruit trees such as olives, figs, citrus, walnuts and grapes
Shrubs: Bay laurel, ericas, banksias, and chamise
Sub-shrubs: such as sages, artemisias, and sagebrush
Grasses: grassland types, Themeda triandra, bunchgrasses; sedges, and rushes
Herbs: such as fragrant rosemary, thyme, and lavender.


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